– Rick Perry, Former Governor of Texas

Don Bacon is also endorsed by the following:

“Don Bacon knows that peace is attained when America is strong, which is why he supports restoring military readiness so that our nation is prepared to face dangerous and complex threats to our national security,” said Ambassador Bolton. “Don is also acutely aware of the threat posed by rogue nations like North Korea, and I am confident that he will continue his work in Congress keeping America and her allies safe at home and abroad. I endorsed him in 2016, and I am endorsing him again because he deserves a second term in Congress.”

“Receiving an endorsement from Ambassador John Bolton – one of America’s leading experts on foreign policy and national security – is truly an honor. I have spent my entire adult life in the United States Air Force protecting America from foreign threats, and while I may have retired the uniform, I have no intention of stopping now. Steady guidance and strong leadership are necessary to defeat threats like North Korea and radical Islamic terrorism, and I am determined to continue defending my constituents and all Americans as a member of Congress.”

“Don Bacon is the political outsider that Nebraska needs in Washington to work to control spending, balance the budget, and provide tax relief. “Don’s 29 years in the Air Force will bring valuable experience to Congress. If elected, he would have more years of military experience than any member of Congress, which would serve Nebraska well in advocating for Offutt Air Force Base. I know Don is a man of character, integrity, and conviction. I urge my fellow Republicans to vote for Don in the Republican Primary on May 10th and all Nebraskans in the 2nd Congressional District to support Don in November.”

“Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon swore an oath to protect and defend our Constitution and our way of life. With America at a critical crossroads, we need tested and proven leaders like Don Bacon in Congress. I know he will help protect our nation and take care of our veterans, because he has his entire career. I’m proud to stand with Don Bacon today and endorse him to represent Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives.”

“General Don Bacon’s 29 years of military leadership experience gives him a detailed understanding of our military and the terror threat facing our nation. He’s a conservative who will work to balance the budget, provide tax relief and repeal Obamacare. With our nation facing serious challenges at home and abroad, Don Bacon’s leadership is needed in Washington.”

“Don Bacon has served his country in uniform and, now, he is willing to serve in Congress. I am proud to stand with him in his quest to enter the battlefield of ideas, and help restore the nation he risked his life defending.”

“I wholeheartedly endorse retired U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Don Bacon. General Bacon’s proven, decorated service to our nation is an unmistakable testament to his ability, leadership, and integrity. His command at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska and overseas gives General Bacon a thorough understanding of the importance of our national defense. I am confident that with his conservative values he will be a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility and will be the type of leader we need in Washington. I am proud to support General Bacon and look forward to his continued service to our nation.”

“Don has spent almost thirty years defending our fellow Americans and our Constitution at home and abroad. He has proven countless times that he has the courage to take on the biggest of challenges. Out of control spending, excessive regulations, and an administration that is blind to the dangers of the world appears to be the new norm in Washington. Now more than ever, we need true conservatives with proven leadership experience to tackle these problems in Congress. Don is the person who will do that.”

“I have had the opportunity to get to know Brigadier General Don Bacon. I believe that he would be a great representative in Washington D.C. for the state of Nebraska. General Bacon (he has asked that I call him Don and I will from now on) has served our nation for many years, I respect that. Given the makeup of our world today, I think we need people with a good understanding of the military as well as a strong dose of Nebraska “common sense” as leaders. I know that Don has roots that go deep in agriculture which is Nebraska’s most important industry. I trust him to do what is best for Nebraska and for the United States of America. With that in mind I am proud to endorse him for the U.S. House of Representatives. Don Bacon is a good man, and we need him in D.C.!”

“Don Bacon and I worked together several years ago and he is one of the most dedicated leaders that I have ever met. Having been in law enforcement for over forty years, I know that Don Bacon will be someone who has our backs in DC. That is the kind of leader he is. Furthermore, we all know how important Offutt AFB is to the metro area. There is no one who can be a better advocate for our largest employer than retired Brigadier General Don Bacon.”

“I worked with Don when he was the Offutt Air Force Base Commander and his leadership left a lasting impression on me. During his tenure, we had an incident where a dangerous suspect led police on a high speed chase that ended in his death when he tried to use his car as a weapon, battering base barricades. While solidly supporting the actions of his people, General Bacon worked with my office to ensure that this incident was given the appropriate due process that was required. As our Congressman, I know that Don Bacon will be a strong advocate for our law enforcement community and will work to ensure that we maintain tough federal criminal statutes, to include the option of the death penalty. Don is man of integrity and we can also trust that he will always stay true to his word.”

“I am proud to endorse Don Bacon and join his team as Finance Chairman. Our nation is at a critical juncture and we need decisive leadership now more than ever. From the looming budget crisis to the ongoing security threats posed by groups like ISIS, it is imperative that we elect real leaders to Congress with the skills to guide us through perilous times. As someone who has served in the halls of Congress, I know Don Bacon is a strong leader. From the sands of Iraq to Offutt Air Force Base, he has put himself on the line to protect our nation and our liberties. He is a man of great integrity and character and he will fight to reverse the cumbersome regulations that strangle our business community, will work to bring our budget into balance, and will be a strong voice for our men and women in uniform – both here at Offutt as well as abroad. Don Bacon is right for our District and I am proud to be a member of his team.”

“My wife Linda and I are proud to support and endorse retired Brigadier General Don Bacon for Congress. As a former commander of two of the biggest bases in the United States Air Force, Don Bacon has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to lead a community. From road maintenance to emergency response, he has firsthand experience dealing with the critical issues confronting our cities. Don Bacon also knows how to fix a broken Washington. He understands how bad decisions in Washington tie the hands of local leaders while stymieing businesses. As a military leader, he has a proven track record of building diverse and cohesive teams focused on achieving the mission. We need more tested leaders like this in D.C., instead of politicians focused simply on the next soundbite. As a result, I can think of no better advocate for us in Washington. He will put us back on the right track.”

“I have never endorsed a candidate in the primaries before, but decided to make an exception with retired Brigadier General Don Bacon. I know he’s a man of integrity, will do what he says, and he embraces the conservative principles our nation needs. We need more leaders in Washington, D.C. who have national security and military experience. On the day we elect Don Bacon, he will become the most senior military officer in the U.S. House of Representatives. He understands the critical issues facing our nation and is uniquely qualified to address how the military impacts our community. No one can be a better advocate than Don for Offutt AFB, which is our area’s second largest employer.”

“Don Bacon has spent a lifetime proving that he knows how to protect the greatest national treasure of all – the sons and daughters of America. Now, we need him in Washington to once again defend and protect what belongs to our citizens.”

“I’ve known Don Bacon for over a decade and served along side him in the United States Air Force. He is a distinguished military veteran and an outstanding American who will represent Nebraskans superbly in Congress. His natural leadership abilities and conservative values are exactly what we need in Washington DC. He’ll be a positive force of change in the House of Representatives.”

“There are three things to know about Don Bacon. First, as the former Commander of Offutt, there is no one better able to represent our interests regarding the second largest employer in the Omaha metro area. Second, being a former two-time base commander is essentially like being a Mayor. He has dealt with everything from snow removal to law enforcement to infrastructure redevelopment. Thus, Don Bacon is well positioned to identify and understand the needs we see in our district. Lastly, men and women like Don Bacon live by a creed – they never leave anyone behind. As our next Congressman, Don Bacon will continue to live by this creed as a leader who will fight for all our citizens in the Second District.”

“Don Bacon has dedicated his entire life to the defense of our liberties and our Constitution. Don is also a staunch defender of pro-family and pro-life values and I am proud to endorse him.”

“Don Bacon is the kind of leader who understands that the best solutions for many of our problems can be found right here at the local level – not in the faraway halls of bureaucracy. For too long Congress has found many creative ways to hamper schools, businesses, and local governments through an endless line of unrelenting regulations. If we allow this to continue, we will be forced to follow a road of stagnation which will rob our kids of the prosperity enjoyed by so many previous generations of Americans. We need leaders in Washington who have the courage to take on these challenges and who understand what it takes to put us back on track. We need proven leaders like Don Bacon.”

“Don’s commitment to free enterprise and to creating a level playing field where businesses can compete and create jobs will unencumber Nebraskan job creators and help foster needed economic growth.”

“I am excited to see more of our members running for elected office. I know Don will represent Nebraska’s Second Congressional District with honor and integrity, something severely lacking in Washington today.”

“Like the members of our organization, retired Brigadier General Don Bacon has defined his life by serving and protecting the citizens with both integrity and honor. His understanding of public safety, as well as his positions on issues critical to every Trooper’s professional and personal life, make him the clear choice. The citizens of our state will be fortunate to have an individual of General Bacon’s caliber in such an important position. Be assured that our members stand firmly in support of the election of Don Bacon to the United States Congress.”

“Don Bacon truly has a servant heart. He has served us well, in a distinguished way, for almost three decades in the military. We are blessed by his willingness to step forward and serve again. Don is a leader of conservative principles. He has a deeply rooted faith in God and a true love of country. Don understands the founding principles that we have so richly inherited and he will work to pass those on to the next generation. Most importantly, we will never have to worry about Don saying one thing and doing another. We can count on him to be the man we send to Washington.”

“Our nation needs strong conservative leaders who understand how to fight and win the war on terror and are committed to reversing the disastrous policies implemented by President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. That’s why I’m proud to announce my endorsement of General Don Bacon. He served 29 years in the Air Force and has a detailed understanding of the volatile nature of the Mideast and the grave threat of radical Islamist terrorism. In addition to his impressive national security credentials, General Bacon is a full-spectrum conservative who is focused on reducing the national debt, cutting taxes, repealing Obamacare, and defending the unborn. There’s a reason why the Democrats are attempting to interfere with Nebraska’s Republican Primary: it is because Don Bacon is one of the strongest Congressional candidates in the country and he will defeat their candidate in November. Please join me in supporting General Don Bacon for Congress.”

“I am very proud to endorse Don Bacon for the United States Congress. He is a principled full spectrum constitutionalist who will anchor his decisions back in these values that have made our country great and especially represent and reflect the wisdom and value of the Midwest. When I sit down and talk with Don Bacon and look him in his eyes, I want him in the United States Congress making decisions for Nebraskans. He is the right choice, he is pro-life, he is a fiscal conservative, and he is one who will keep our country strong, stand for our veterans and also be able to bring his expertise to the table so that the United States Congress is promoting our strong national defense.”

“General Don Bacon’s nearly 30 years of military experience will be a great asset in Congress to help keep our nation safe and secure. And he will be another conservative voice to help reduce taxes, eliminate wasteful spending and grow the economy. I’m pleased to support General Don Bacon and look forward to serving with him in Congress.”

“Brigadier General Don Bacon is exactly the kind of leader we need more of in Congress. As an Air Force officer, Don took the oath to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, and will take it again as a member of the House. In Congress that means making sure our troops have the supplies, tools and funding necessary to stay safe and defeat the enemy, and at home it means standing strong against those who wish to trample our Constitutional rights. I am confident Don will be a strong leader for our troops and veterans and for Nebraskans who are trying to build brighter futures for their families.”

“I’m backing Don Bacon because of his 30 years of proactive leadership in the military and national security servitude to our great Nation. I vehemently defend Don’s plans to shake up Washington by banning Members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, requiring Congress to abide by the same rules and regulations they have placed on business, and enacting term limits to stop the politicians from making Congress a career. If elected, Don would be the most senior retired military officer in Congress bringing with him an unmatched understanding of the Middle East, ISIS, and the threat of radical Islamic Terrorism. With four tours of duty in the Middle East including commanding a squadron during the invasion of Iraq and serving a year-long stint in Baghdad during the surge, Don knows the threat, because he’s face it firsthand. Unlike politicians who like to talk about being a leader, Don Bacon actually has a record of being one. I’m a #BACONbacker and there’s no backing down.”

“What an absolute honor to have a retired Brigadier General who is willing to step up and serve our nation again. I don’t give my endorsement lightly and I did my checking before I decided that Don Bacon was my candidate. We don’t have many military leaders in Congress and there is an absolute gap which Don Bacon can fill. When a felon was ramming the gate at Offutt AFB, Don Bacon was backing up our law enforcement. That is the type of leadership we need in Washington.”

“As a Proud veteran of the U.S. Army it is my honor to endorse another veteran to serve in the United States Congress. Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon is candidate who will stand up in Washington for all of our district. His experience speaks for itself, there is no better candidate than General Bacon. I spent my entire adult life serving our country and our community in law enforcement. Don has the passion, caring, and knowledge that will meet the needs for our public safety officers, our military, and our community.”

“I am proud to support and endorse retired Brigadier General Don Bacon in his race for Congress. Nebraskans have a unique opportunity to send a proven leader to Washington by electing Don Bacon. As a Regent, I am proud of the work that the University has done in strengthening our country through defense partnerships, such as with the National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI). Developing successful partnerships, like the NSRI, requires that we have solid leaders with bold visions. Don Bacon is such a leader. By sending him to D.C., Nebraskans will elect a consistent leader with a proven track record of bringing people together to get the job done.”

“Don was one of the most respected commanders we’ve seen at Offutt AFB, and he successfully nurtured a wonderful partnership between the military and our local community. I remember him leading the way filling sandbags during the 2011 flood that threatened not only the base, but the city of Bellevue. He knows Offutt AFB, and he’ll be a super advocate for our local area’s second largest employer. Most importantly, Don has a stellar reputation for being a man of integrity, and will make a great United States Congressman.”

“Don Bacon is a proven leader who had given his entire life to protecting our nation. In time of great uncertainty abroad, we need Members of Congress who are ready on day one to address the needs and security of our nation. As a fellow veteran, I know that Don is that person.”

“I first met Don when he was commander at Offutt Air Force Base and I have always been impressed with his character, humility and intelligence. I continue to appreciate his community involvement, including his support for our Veteran’s Park Project. His military experience, leadership abilities and conservative values are exactly what we need in Washington and I’m pleased to support his campaign for Congress.”

“There is one candidate in this race with a proven track record of tested leadership and that is my friend, Don Bacon. He has spent nearly three decades protecting our most sacred treasure, the sons and daughters of this nation. He also has the ability to inspire people and work with others. That is why he is the only candidate who so many of us are proud to support. In a time of runaway budgets and critical dangers at home and abroad, we need a leader who is truly ready on day one to tackle the serious issues facing our nation. That leader is Don Bacon.”

“As the Grandmother of a veteran who has served overseas, I think it is imperative that we have more elected representatives with military leadership experience, who will fight for the conservative values that are desperately needed in Washington.”

“Don Bacon is a principled public servant who has exemplified the highest qualities of selflessness and leadership throughout his entire life. Since his very first assignment at Offutt AFB in 1986, Don has been trusted with enormous responsibilities over both material resources and our most sacred treasure – America’s sons and daughters. As a base commander, Don also possesses a unique understanding and perspective on the many pressures facing our municipalities – issues ranging from infrastructure to emergency services. His experiences, coupled with his passionate belief in our Constitutional system and religious liberties, have well prepared him to serve as the next Congressman from Nebraska.”

“Don Bacon is a proven leader who understands the critical issues impacting both the Omaha area and our nation. Having led our finest from Offutt to Iraq, Don Bacon is uniquely qualified to address the serious national security matters that our Congress is currently facing. Additionally, Don Bacon understands the local area and the considerable challenges facing our small businesses. He will be a powerful advocate in the fight to roll back excessive regulations and unfunded mandates that affect both businesses and local government.”

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse my fellow warrior and patriot, Don Bacon, for the US House of Representatives. Don has an outstanding history of service and commitment to the nation during his nearly thirty years of service in the US Air Force. He will stand on principle and put America before party or personal interest.”

“General Bacon will bring valuable leadership, character, and experience to the table, which is badly needed in Congress. He is a passionate defender of the pro-life/pro-family values that comprise the foundational rock of our country.”

“Retired Brigadier General Don Bacon is a committed fiscal conservative who has the knowledge, ability, and courage to face down those in Washington who would willingly put our national future in jeopardy by spending us into bankruptcy. It is all too common that we hear news reports about government programs that run millions, and even billions over budget. We need leaders who are willing to take on the bureaucracy and who appreciate that our tax dollars represent a sacred trust. Through his professional experiences, Don Bacon has proved time and again that he knows how to protect those things that are most sacred to Americans. He will be a leader who will make Second District residents proud.”

“The Vietnamese community in Omaha was very moved because your family had the hearts of gold and kindness in opening your arms to sponsor Mr. Nghia Tran, a Vietnamese refugee and our brother-in-arms, former ARVN Marine Captain.We will support you, General Don Bacon, in the run for the United States Congress in November 2016.”

Don Bacon is also endorsed by the following:

The American Conservative Union • Council for Citizens Against Government Waste • Col. Allen West’s Guardian Fund PAC • Combat Veterans PAC • National Defense PAC • National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition • National Right to Life Committee • Nebraska Right to Life • Nebraskans United for Life • Nebraska State Troopers Association • Vietnamese Friendship Association • International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) Union

Don Bacon has earned these endorsements because he understands the issues of our day.

Learn more about the issues Don cares about.→



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